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We provide specialized rollers for the PCB, optoelectronic, semiconductor and film industries.

大发集团娱乐貿易有限公司 ( 第二事業部 ) 大发集团娱乐貿易有限公司 ( 第二事業部 )
10459 台灣台北市中山區松江路168號7樓
Panel Trading Co., LTD. ( Second Business Unit ) Panel Trading Co., LTD. ( Second Business Unit )
7th Floor,No.168, Song-Jiang Road, Zhong Shan District, Taipei City10459, Taiwan

Main products: PVA, PVC, CSQ, PU sponge rollers, PP rollers, coating rollers, laminating (hot) rollers, nylon and non-woven brushes, sticky rollers, rubber rollers, PVDF and TPU films


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